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To achieve the goal of developig the sport of sailing and the nautical culture in general in the province of Perugia and throughout Umbria, Acqua Dolce Sailing on Lake Trasimeno organizes sailing courses for all levels and for all ages, on a variety of boats. 

The school is organised so that the teaching and learning  is the result of practical sailing experience, participation in regattas and training from the  instructors.  The program of each lesson has been designed by our staff as a result of years of experience, to  make each course a perfect combination of theory and practice. 

The ultimate goal of the school is to create passionate, competent and prudent sailors, aware of their abilities and able to relate them to the specific conditions each time they set sail.

In Umbria, far from the sea, there is a school dedicated to teaching sailing, where the passion produces the stimulation, where the experience creates the rules and professionalism sets the standard. 

In order to be flexible and able to adapt to the individual  needs of students who are on vacation at Lake Trasimeno, Acqua Dolce offers private sailing lessons for all levels and for all requirements. 

The lessons are based on the requirements of the students and each programme is tailored to meet their needs.

The students can choose which type of boat they wish to learn on (yacht or dingy) and the topics on which to focus the lessons.

Each lesson lasts for about 1 hour and 30 minutes during which the student is given a brief theoretical introduction followed with the practical lesson on the boat. On return there is a short de-briefing to reinforce what has been learnt before the end of the lesson.

The time and schedule for the class is negotiated in advance with the 'instructor and there is an additional telephone call  prior to the lesson  to confirm that the weather conditions are appropriate for the lesson to take place.


  • PACKAGE 4 LESSONS: 170 € and it is possible to do the lessons in group of up to 3. 


  • 4 LESSONS FOR 2 PEOPLE: COST 255 euros
  • PACKAGE 4 LESSONS FOR 2 PEOPLE:  300 euros



WHERE: Sailing courses at Acque Dolce Sailing takes place at the nautical base of Monte del Lago. 
WHEN: The sailing school is open and operational every day of the week from March through to November

The courses are not organized according to a set schedule from the school but all lessons are agreed between the students and the instructor. 

ORGANIZATION: Each lesson includes a theoretical part which is carried out in the classroom and a practical part on board the boat, weather permitting.  Students go out on the boat from the very first lesson.

WHAT TO BRING: comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. A complete change of clothes, in case of immersion in water. A windproof and waterproof jacket is advisable. Comfortable sport shoes that don’t have black soles or boat shoes are also required. 

GUESTS: Guests of the students can take advantage of the indoor and outdoor spaces of Acqua Dolce which are beautifully positioned overlooking the lake where you can spend some relaxing time waiting for the end of the lesson.

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